alison, the hopelessly fragile (sugarpoisonappl) wrote in i_chose_life,
alison, the hopelessly fragile

holy fork ...

ok, i've been away from computer access for a bit, and i come back to find a big freaking flame war ...

i've banned xxxcherrypiexxx, and i was tempted to ban a couple of other people due to things they said ... but i'll let it slide for now. please don't feed the trolls, kids. they're like gremlins - they multiply. i also deleted the entry she posted to the community because it just really doesn't belong here.

i'm not here often enough, and i know it ... i've been thinking about the fact that this place should really be moderated more effectively. this is not a pro-life community, it is a community for people from any side of the debate about abortion, war, euthanasia, etc., to find some common ground in having chosen life at some point - not necessarily in a case of pregnancy. if you don't get that after looking a the community's info page, you don't belong here.

i'd like an intelligent pro-choice mod and an intelligent pro-life mod to help me out ... one of each, and no playing favorites. if a post is against anything or anyone, it doesn't belong in this community. we're here to celebrate existing life, not freak out about people who we don't agree with. i'm glad that most of the people around here seem to be intelligent, and i apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the silly little troll. if you're interested in modding, leave a comment here or try to catch me on aim - my screenname is babygothangel.

thanks, guys ... and again, i apologize.
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