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We Chose Life And We're Proud Of It

a livejournal community for the celebration of all life

I Chose Life!
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this is a community for anyone who has been faced with a situation that deals with life and death, and has chosen life.

obviously, a main target of this community is women who are or have been pregnant and chose to give birth. however, we're also open to *anyone* at all, male or female, from any background, who has chosen life over death.

examples include, but are not limited to:

~* men who are fathers, are going to become fathers, or don't want their wives/girlfriends to have an abortion

~* anyone who has contemplated suicide but has decided to live instead

~* people who have been faced with decisions about euthanasia, and have decided that a person should not have their life taken because they're sick

this is a place to celebrate life, and decisions or situations that have resulted in you or someone that you know being able to live. while the nature of this community obviously has pro-life implications, it's *not* intended to be soley about abortion, and even people who are pro-choice are encouraged to join if you've got something to contribute that involves human life in some way. it doesn't matter if you've had an abortion in the past, you're still welcome if you want to talk about life.

members are encouraged to share stories about good things that make life worth living. and if you're a parent who wants to express how wonderful your kids are, you're more than welcome! life is beautiful, and we want to let the world know how much we love it!

this community was started by sugarpoisonappl on june 2, 2003.

important things to know:

this isn't a place to debate about abortion, capital punishment, or euthanasia, nor is it meant to be a breeding ground for flame-wars and insults towards people you don't agree with. i you want to have a debate about abortion, please go to the abortiondebate community. if you want to rant about people you don't agree with, please keep it out of here. intentionally imflammatory messages that attack other livejournal users or their points of view will *not* be tolerated and any such posts or comments will be deleted as soon as possible.

membership is open to anyone, unless good reason is shown proving someone shouldn't be here (i.e., repeated personal attacks made on other community members in this forum). you can say whatever you want to in other communities or in your own journal; however, any issues you may have with other members are not welcome here. we've come together here to discuss life as a good thing, not to make someone else's life miserable because of outside issues.