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hey guys i just joined. i am so glad this resource is here... after moving out and getting pregnant with shaden i compltely forgot about livejournal and the internet but i am back at my parnets and theyve got internet so hear i am!

when i was 16 my boyfriend matt got my pregnent. i guess it was an accident but i reely think it is what matt wanted. When I got pregnent though I first was all like "fuck" and went to the abortion clinic to make an appoinment but i got to the clinic I was like "what am i doing hear?!" and I took responcibility for my actions and went back to the apartment and told matt he was going to be a daddy weather he liked it or not! well of course he didnt like it typical male for ya and we broke up. well 7 months later my beautiful baby boy Shaden Elijah was born!!!

having shaden was totally the best thing that ever happened to me. I cant beleive taht I almost didn’t have him or that any woman would want to terminate a baby. It’s just worng!!! I see these irrisponsible women who are saying they need to terminate a baby beacuse they are just afraid to have the baby not because of rape or other bad stuff that they "claim" is why they got pregnant! I am so disgusted with people sometimes. i am the luckiest girl in the world. Soon i will move out of my moms and get a studio with just me and shaden and my new boy toy kristoff. weve been together for 2 months now and he loves shaden and shaden loves him!!!! it feels so good to have a real man who is resonsible. he totally spoils the shit out of shaden but shaden deserves it since his "real" dad is such a deadbeat.

anyway that is my story i am looking for more lj friends so add me if you want!!!!
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